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Artist : Showbiz Ag
Title : Qa
Lirik Showbiz Ag - Qa Mp3

featuring Ghetto Dwellas
[Party Arty]
Question: why crime cats keep on testing?
Answer: cause dirt bitches keep on stressing
The dirty dancer cancer 9th of July
So I srtike only when I'm high no lie
So why? I don't know why I smoke lye
And stay so high trying to be the multi
Billionare niggas ask you feel 'em there
Pull 'em here over here kill 'em here
And send 'em there over there where you rest
I stay double busted, nigga, where's your vest?
Is it a test or is it that they stress these rats?
Or is it the trees that make me want to bless these tracks?
These cats, GD cats, we be cats
Giving niggas lessons in the rap sessions
Ayo question: who's whipping the black Expedition?
With that booming system, that'll be me
With these chickens in the back seat holding gats for me
Toting, flattering me, open, chatting with me
I write these rhymes and stay high
Be rolling in a black stolen driving by
And I'm holding, the only thing that I'm smoking is lye
With no cup, full brew, no cup, smoke up
I'm so clutch in big games when big names choke up
I'm so tough over Show stuff now flow's up
Question: why Flow smoke a lot of hydro?
Simple, cause I like to feel clouds in my fucking temple
Maybe you high, I've been to
Puffing more than one, on the run is where I sent you
Must have forgotten I cut like a Ginsu
Bust off a shot to ride the rock instrumentals
Show you the gat, now you figure it's subliminal
Holding down the track, just me and my criminals
On the move, production Show and prove
Be a ruse, GD go win not lose
Got jewels, pay dues, got crews